Let's Do It!
A Guide to Volunteering in Eastern Maine
Introduction and Background Information

This guide was compiled by United Volunteers to help you decide when and where you want to get involved. Your interest in building a better community by volunteering your time and talents is appreciated.

To use this directory, first ask yourself these questions:

  1. What do I enjoy doing most?
  2. What special skills do I have that I can offer?
  3. Realistically, how much time can I give?
  4. What do I hope that volunteering will do for me?

If an organization interests you or if you have further questions, please contact United Volunteers at 941-2803. United Volunteer's program coordinators will assist you in finding the best volunteer opportunity by providing more information, applications, interviews, and arranging agency tours.

This directory is published by United Volunteers and posted on this web site in cooperation with BAIRNET. On January 1, 1998, a new organization was established that combined the resources of the Retired Senior Volunteer Program and the Volunteer Cneter of Eastern Maine's Youth and Adult Program. This new collaboration provides more opportunities and resources for both programs. The mission of United Volunteers will be to promote, support, and develo0p meaningful volunteerism through the Retired Senior Volunteer Program and the Youth and Adult Volunteer Program in Eastern Maine. These programs are supported by the agencies and sponsors listed in this directory and the opportunities are not all inclusive.

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